Andrew Mikofalvy Sources of Data log 2/8/16

  • Number of steps vs time; data taken from both smartwatch and smartphone
  • Heart Rate throughout the day; taken from smartwatch
  • Credit card purchases made throughout the day; gathered from online statements
  • Websites visited throughout the day; gathered from chrome web history
  • Computer usage throughout day; logged through special time tracking computer application
  • Number of people interacted with; tracked by social interaction application
  • Food consumed throughout day logged by time; tracked by calorie counter smartphone app
  • Water consumed throughout day logged by time; tracked by calorie counter smartphone app
  • Motion During sleep; taken from smartwatch

Jane 2/8 Data Log

  1. Made a phone call • Tracked by AT&T
  2. Texted throughout the day • Also tracked by AT&T
  3. Carried phone around throughout the Day • Location tracked by Google
  4. Paid using Debt Card • Tracked by Bank of America
  5. Used MIT ID to tap into Dorm • Tracked by MIT
  6. Paid using Tech Cash • Tracked by MIT
  7. Streamed Music on Spotify • Tracked by Spotify
  8. Did a Google Search while logged into Google • Tracked by Google for smart article suggestions and frequent searches
  9. Tracked the package I ordered last week • Tracked by UPS
  10. Collected Aluminum Can Pressure Data in Lab • Kept track in a course spreadsheet
  11. Watched Netflix • Tracked by Netflix
  12. Posted a picture on Instagram with geotagged location • Tracked by Instagram

Phillip Graham’s Data Log – 2/7/16

Data created by me for the day. (To the best of my knowledge)

  • Guest Swipe on a BU Student’s Meal Plan for Breakfast: A guest swipe was used up by my friend which is stored on their system
  • Paid the fare/Swiped onto the T at Kenmore: Fare was deducted from my charlie card
  • Used my student ID to swipe myself in as a guest to Burton Conner
  • Made a purchase with a credit card at La Verdes Convenience Store
    • Data from card, and for internal store purchase
  • Watched the Super Bowl on our TV: viewership data
  • General phone data created from:
    • Snapchat
    • Facebook messenger – sending messages
    • Phone call
    • Sent emails from phone and text messages
    • Tinder
  • Accepted an invitation to an event on Facebook

Data Log Michelle 2.8.16

  1. Android smartphone (calls and texts) | data logged by phone software/at&t
  2. checked gmail |  content specific info by google
  3.  took multiple busses |location and charlie card data logged by mbta
  4. tapped ID to get into massart building |student ID # recorded, time, location
  5. tapped ID to get into massart print shop | student ID # recorded, time, location
  6. sent in my taxes | tax info/ ID info recorded by federal, state goverments and turbotax
  7. checked voter registration | ID info recorded on gov website
  8. bought theater ticket| credit card information/ email contact into recorded by ticketmaster
  9. listened to pandora | likes, dislikes, skips recorded by pandora to track and personalize stations
  10. browsed internet | data recorded on what I look at to better advertise to me
  11. facebook | data collected to better advertise to me
  12. watched tv | viewership data collected by networks
  13. bought curtains on amazon | credit card and shipping info collected by amazon

Katie’s Data Log

Data created on February 7th:

  • Health app on iPhone tracks distance/steps walked and stairs climbed
  • Ski Tracks app tracks one of my skiing runs
  • sent text messages which are both stored on my phone and by AT&T
  • bought lunch with my credit card – restaurant and my credit card company have information
  • took photos with my phone
  • posted a photo to Facebook with a tagged location
  • listened to music on Spotify
  • entered information into the Calendar app on my phone
  • responded to emails
  • Nike Running app tracks the distance and speed of my run
  • swiped my ID card to get into Baker Dining
  • watched an episode of Late Night with Steven Colbert on
  • wrote down this list in the Notes app on my phone


Sunday (2/7) was pretty light for me in terms of data creation. I was traveling for most of the day, so most of the data I create regularly by browsing the web was eliminated. Here’s what’s left:

  1. A constantly running health app on my phone tracked and stored my location and some other sensor data.
  2. I was in a car for several hours, so I probably showed up on at least one traffic camera.
  3. I sent multiple texts throughout the day.
  4. Other passive data usage on my phone was also tracked.
  5. I participated in a singing competition which was recorded and will probably be posted online.
  6. I was in a group photo which will also likely be posted online.
  7. I listened to music on Spotify, which keeps track of what I play.
  8. I watched the Super Bowl, whose viewership, like other TV programs, is tracked.
  9. I watched a show on Netflix, which also keeps track of these things.
  10. I checked my email, informing the mail server that I’ve looked at the messages.
  11. I followed a link to a website that very likely tracks visits.
  12. I looked at some course websites to plan my week.
  13. I used electricity, which shows up on my bill each month through an electronic system.

I probably missed some things, but if a day in which I spent the majority of my time doing very little produces this, it would be a daunting task to enumerate every point of data I produce on an average day.

Maddie’s Data Log, February 7

  1. Bought a new journal at Paper Source: purchase and credit card information collected by Paper Source; purchase, location and time information collected by Bank of America
  2. Bought groceries at Roche Bros: purchase and credit card information collected by Roche Bros; purchase, location and time information collected by Bank of America
  3. Rode an Uber back to campus: location collected by Uber to personalize my experience, to display my history in receipts, to use for analytics at an aggregated level, etc.; purchase, location and time information collected by Bank of America
  4. Swiped into the dining hall: time and location collected by Wellesley Fresh to track dining hall traffic
  5. Wasted time on Facebook: information about how I use the app and who I am collected by Facebook for advertising targeting
  6. Bought some Super Bowl snacks at CVS: purchase and credit card information collected by CVS; purchase, location and time information collected by Bank of America
  7. Watched the Super Bowl: my party’s viewership counted by CBS, Nielsen, etc.
  8. Took photos on my iPhone: location and time collected by iPhone (Photos app)

Kalki – Data Log – 2/5/16

  1. GPS location – continuously tracked by smartphone
  2. history – I ordered stuff
  3. Phone logs – every time a call is made/received
  4. Email – every time an email is sent/received
  5. Web browsing (laptop and smartphone) – recorded by websites, my browser, internet service provider
  6. Electricity usage
  7. Water usage
  8. Text message records – every time a text is made/received
  9. MIT Stellar – every login with MIT certificates
  10. File backup version history – Time Machine backups
  11. Automatic software usage monitoring/reporting
  12. Shipping parcel tracking – My order

Just having 12 datasets being created seems too little. I expected that in 2016 more of my activities would be recorded in some way or another.

Julia’s Data Journal for 2/8/16

Below are the activities I did that generated some form of data collection on Monday, February 8th, 2016. It was a relatively normal day, and when I was forced to think about it I was surprised at the number of activities for which I generated over the course of an average Monday.

  • Used iPhone (texted, checked email, browsed web) | Apple and Gmail app collected information on geographic location, metadata on email communication, metadata on web clicks
  • Used iPhone (Google Maps) | Google Maps app collected data about my geographic location
  • Bought coffee, Charlie Card, sandwich (used credit card) | Charles Schwab collected financial information about where/when I made purchases
  • Rode MBTA (swiped Charlie Card) | MBTA collected data about my location/transit riding
  • Entered library at Tufts (swiped Tufts ID) | TUPD collected data about when I entered buildings on campus and my geographic location
  • Logged onto Tufts wireless network | Tufts IT department collected data about my computer (i.e. IP address, network usage)
  • Browsed the internet | Companies collected information about my preferences based on what I clicked on
  • Listened to Pandora | Website collected information about my music preferences to tailor my station
  • Called an Uber | Uber app collected information about where I was and where I was travelling, and also credit card information
  • Watched TV | TV companies collected information about my TV viewing habits

Gary Burnett Data Log 2.6.16

Android Smartphone | Constantly tracking position, communication, etc.

Media Lab study | Jawbone constantly tracking my sleep and daily activity

Fraternity Elections | Obtained a new position. Data logged into meeting notes

Tap into MIT Buildings | Info from my ID logged into MIT systems

Ride on the T | Data from the Charlie Card in my MIT ID logged into T system

Purchase Movie Ticket | Credit Card information logged into AMC system

Purchase Food from Verde’s | Used a TechCash gift card, so no personal data

Uploaded Cover Photo for Facebook Event | Data about events I’m attending