Data Log Michelle 2.8.16

  1. Android smartphone (calls and texts) | data logged by phone software/at&t
  2. checked gmail |  content specific info by google
  3.  took multiple busses |location and charlie card data logged by mbta
  4. tapped ID to get into massart building |student ID # recorded, time, location
  5. tapped ID to get into massart print shop | student ID # recorded, time, location
  6. sent in my taxes | tax info/ ID info recorded by federal, state goverments and turbotax
  7. checked voter registration | ID info recorded on gov website
  8. bought theater ticket| credit card information/ email contact into recorded by ticketmaster
  9. listened to pandora | likes, dislikes, skips recorded by pandora to track and personalize stations
  10. browsed internet | data recorded on what I look at to better advertise to me
  11. facebook | data collected to better advertise to me
  12. watched tv | viewership data collected by networks
  13. bought curtains on amazon | credit card and shipping info collected by amazon