Jane 2/8 Data Log

  1. Made a phone call • Tracked by AT&T
  2. Texted throughout the day • Also tracked by AT&T
  3. Carried phone around throughout the Day • Location tracked by Google
  4. Paid using Debt Card • Tracked by Bank of America
  5. Used MIT ID to tap into Dorm • Tracked by MIT
  6. Paid using Tech Cash • Tracked by MIT
  7. Streamed Music on Spotify • Tracked by Spotify
  8. Did a Google Search while logged into Google • Tracked by Google for smart article suggestions and frequent searches
  9. Tracked the package I ordered last week • Tracked by UPS
  10. Collected Aluminum Can Pressure Data in Lab • Kept track in a course spreadsheet
  11. Watched Netflix • Tracked by Netflix
  12. Posted a picture on Instagram with geotagged location • Tracked by Instagram