Iris’s data log: 2/6/16

  • Throughout the day: sent/received emails and texts, logged content and date/time by¬†app software
  • Throughout the day: water and electricity usage, logged by water/electricity meters
  • Took the T: tapped RFID, logged account and value on account by MBTA
  • Ate at Boston Burger Company: paid with credit card, logged payment information by Boston Burger Company, and location by credit card company
  • Entered the Broad Institute: tapped RFID, logged name and time of entry, as well as elevator usage by the Broad
  • Entered dorm: tapped RFID, probably logged things but not entirely sure what was logged? by MIT
  • Watched TV: logged viewership by show¬†network

Paul Ryan vs. other Speakers of the House

Explore the visualization here!

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 7.15.25 PM

Bloomberg Politics put out a beautiful data visualization in light of the recent election of Paul Ryan to Speaker of the House. While their chosen title highlights the recent trend of Speakers no longer working for the government after the gig, there is actually a treasure trove of information to explore here. All past Speakers are listed, and their involvement in various government positions are represented in a timeline. There are also several options at the top to highlight each position, with various callouts providing more facts.

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