Sunday (2/7) was pretty light for me in terms of data creation. I was traveling for most of the day, so most of the data I create regularly by browsing the web was eliminated. Here’s what’s left:

  1. A constantly running health app on my phone tracked and stored my location and some other sensor data.
  2. I was in a car for several hours, so I probably showed up on at least one traffic camera.
  3. I sent multiple texts throughout the day.
  4. Other passive data usage on my phone was also tracked.
  5. I participated in a singing competition which was recorded and will probably be posted online.
  6. I was in a group photo which will also likely be posted online.
  7. I listened to music on Spotify, which keeps track of what I play.
  8. I watched the Super Bowl, whose viewership, like other TV programs, is tracked.
  9. I watched a show on Netflix, which also keeps track of these things.
  10. I checked my email, informing the mail server that I’ve looked at the messages.
  11. I followed a link to a website that very likely tracks visits.
  12. I looked at some course websites to plan my week.
  13. I used electricity, which shows up on my bill each month through an electronic system.

I probably missed some things, but if a day in which I spent the majority of my time doing very little produces this, it would be a daunting task to enumerate every point of data I produce on an average day.