Julia’s Data Journal for 2/8/16

Below are the activities I did that generated some form of data collection on Monday, February 8th, 2016. It was a relatively normal day, and when I was forced to think about it I was surprised at the number of activities for which I generated over the course of an average Monday.

  • Used iPhone (texted, checked email, browsed web) | Apple and Gmail app collected information on geographic location, metadata on email communication, metadata on web clicks
  • Used iPhone (Google Maps) | Google Maps app collected data about my geographic location
  • Bought coffee, Charlie Card, sandwich (used credit card) | Charles Schwab collected financial information about where/when I made purchases
  • Rode MBTA (swiped Charlie Card) | MBTA collected data about my location/transit riding
  • Entered library at Tufts (swiped Tufts ID) | TUPD collected data about when I entered buildings on campus and my geographic location
  • Logged onto Tufts wireless network | Tufts IT department collected data about my computer (i.e. IP address, network usage)
  • Browsed the internet | Companies collected information about my preferences based on what I clicked on
  • Listened to Pandora | Website collected information about my music preferences to tailor my station
  • Called an Uber | Uber app collected information about where I was and where I was travelling, and also credit card information
  • Watched TV | TV companies collected information about my TV viewing habits