Data Log for Monday February 8th – Argyro Nicolaou

In chronological order:

1. Sent Whatsapp messages to 2 friends
2. Screenshot from pdf in dropbox saved to evernote x2
3. Created new Note in Evernote
4. Google search ‘Fetty Wap House of Blues’
5. Google search ‘Post Malone’
6. iMessage x 30
7. Submitted a cross registration petition to Harvard’s Registrar
8. Called Registrar
9. Made calendar entry for meeting on Feb 23
10. Sent email to SZ
11. Create vocabulary quiz for students on MWord
12. Sent ERW (tutee) an email re: our class tomorrow
13. Created Unit 16 vocabulary document for students
14. Upload Unit 16 vocabulary on canvas
15. Emailed advisor
16. Took an Uber survey
17. Google search for a greek word
18. Phone call w VP in NYC
19.  Liked posts on FB
20. Google searched ‘Charlemagne’
21. Unsubscribed from Nordstrom email list
22. Clicked through FB post to imgur and a greek website
23. Opened NYTimes mobile app
24. Opened twitter app; retweeted NYTimes World tweet
25. Sent documents to Harvard library
26. Used FB messenger app
27. Clicked on web link in email
28. Used Uber app to get cab x 2
29. Google searched ‘Classical Greece and the Mediterranean’
23. Tweeted x3
24. Clicked through MSNBC tweet & watched MNSBC video