Kendra’s Activity Log 2/8/2016


  • Road the bus and the T: data tracked via swipes of my Charlie card
  • Google searched: number of article research, my minds own curiosity.
  • Podcasts: downloaded podcasts, iTunes for sure tracks how many podcasts I download and whether I’ve listened to them recently (If I haven’t it’ll stop downloading new ones of the same podcast).
  • General web surfing: link clicks.
  • Facebook: length of data sent through messaging, messages written but not sent, whose profiles I looked at, what content I liked, and what if any links I clicked on.
  • Sent emails: using Gmail and MIT’s web based outlook, recorded data on who I sent the message to (to help improve spam filters), likely the content of the message (checking for “trigger” words that indicate problematic content, either spam worthy or you know terrorist watch list worthy).
  • Twitter: made tweets, re-tweeted, and liked content.
  • What’s app message: messaged friend in Canada.
  • Gchat: number of people I chatted with, length of messages
  • Google map: location data ( I get lost a lot)
  • Netflix: streaming video data on what shows I watch
  • Plex: streaming video data on how many “home videos” I watch (I don’t sync my video data to metadata so it’s unclear how much Plex actually knows about the content of what I watch vs the quantity)Spam data (how successful was my spam filter)
  • Diet bet app: my weight.
  • Grocery shopping: consumer spending data recorded twice in this case, by the supermarket where I made the purchase and by my credit company which also tracks that data.
  • Phone call: ┬álocation data (based on the cell phone tower that my conversation pinged off of), duration of call, and whether it was domestic or long distance (it was domestic).
  • Youtube: which videos I watched, and which ones I watched to completion, also their ads – did I stick it out to the end or did I click on the countdown link. Uses the data to suggest other videos I’ll watch.
  • Pandora: which songs I listened to the end, which ones I liked, which songs I skipped, and which ones I asked them to never play for me again.

Basically, every waking moment of my lie is quantified except for what I eat, and my apartment’s thermostat. However, the electric company is tracking the kW of electricity my home is using, while the gas company is tracking how much gas I use.