Activity Log of Data Created on Saturday, 2/6/16 – Eric Lau

I took Saturday off to cook food but still generated a wide variety of data.

  • Query, temporal, and text data of my online actions on the Google platform: checked, cleaned out, and sent email via Gmail; watched some videos on YouTube; used Google Search; and recorded this list on a Google doc.
  • Address data for grocery delivery by Peapod: attempted to buy groceries online through the Peapod website (before realizing I needed them today, not tomorrow).
  • Fare transaction data for the MBTA: took the 1 Bus to and from Shaw’s/Star Market.
  • Coupon selection history data for Looked at coupons for good deals while on the bus.
  • (Inadvertent) picture data for Snapchat: Was very likely captured in photos when the person in front of me on the bus decided to take Snapchat selfies that included everyone behind her.
  • Music history data for Apple Music: Listened to a mix of old and new songs on the bus.
  • Credit card financial data: Paid for groceries at Shaw’s/Star Market.
  • Time and location access data for my MIT ID: Tapped ID to get back into Burton Conner.
  • SMS/iMessage data: Sent texts to friends and family throughout the day.
  • Call detail record data: Generated for Verizon when I called my sister in the afternoon.