Kenny’s Data Log: 1/7/16

On my way from Providence, RI (spending the day at HackAtBrown), I logged my data (or, at least as much of it as I could).


  • Location on Public Transit: Tapped MIT ID to use T
  • Purchase Information: Used a credit card to buy train tickets.
  • Geo-location apps also know my GPS location


  • Check In: Signed into the hackathon in the early afternoon
  • Internet Traffic: Using my computer at the computer throughout the day tracked by Brown and their ISP
  • Progress by teammates: My teammates tracked the progress of my portion of the project
  • Music over time: I listened to Apple Music throughout the day while working

Throughout the Day

  • Heart rate over time: Through the Apple Watch, that I wear on a daily basis
  • Step Count over time: Also through the Apple Watch
  • Motion Tracking: The Apple Watch also does motion tracking, and records how often I stand up throughout the day
  • Emails & Text Messages over time: My communication logs with people not near me through email and texting on my phone and computer.
  • Various Internet services: Youtube, Netflix, and Twitter track my usage, which occur throughout the day