Data Tracking Log – Weekend Activities

Saturday, Feb 6

  • Electronic alarm clock (iPhone)
  • Read news on iPhone (NYT, Facebook, emails)
  • Put on smart watch (Apple watch)
  • Walked to gym and back (phone GPS)
  • Listened to Spotify en route
  • Used MIT Card to gain entry to the gym
  • Used MIT Card to gain entry into the locker room
  • Used smart watch to track¬†workout
  • Spoke with family and friends over the phone (length of calls, contacts, what was said?)
  • Skyped with a friend
  • Organized dinner with friends over text message
  • Google Chrome tracked¬†email and web traffic
  • Paid for dinner via credit card
  • Ubered to bar after dinner
  • Paid for round of drinks with credit card
  • Ubered home
  • Set iPhone alarm clock for next morning
  • Charged phones, smart watch and laptop