Why do we have more boys than girls?

Why do we have more boys than girls? is a YouTube video created by Minute Physics. The general audience for this YouTube channel is curious internet browsers who have a few minutes on their hands to learn a little bit more about how the world works. In this particular video, they explain why there are more boys born than girls.

One of the data points they explore is the genetic odds that a child is born as a boy or girl. This is demonstrated in the screenshot captured below. They depict a mother and father tossing each tossing a coin with an X or Y chromosome into the air. The coins meet and combine into either XX or XY and fill their respective sides of the scale with either male or female babies.

Screenshot (3)

The use of coins emphasizes the point that biologically, there is a 50% chance of a parent donating one of their two chromosomes. The scale further drives home the point that at the end of the process, there should be an equal ratio of boys to girls.

The general style of the video is a simple, well described animation that walks the viewer through a “proof” of how the theoretical ratio of 1:1 boys to girls being born is not true. This method is very well tailored to the target audience as it does not assume much technical knowledge and does not take more than 3 minutes to explain.