Cell Phones and the Bathroom

phones and bathroom


Cell Phones and the Bathroom is a poster that illustrates the unknown facts about people using their cell phones in the bathroom. The general audience of this poster is anyone who uses a cell phone on a daily basis. The point of this poster is to discourage people from using their phones while they’re in the restroom. It talks about how many people admit to using their phones while in the restroom, while implying that because of this fact, poop can be found on some phones. This poster is organized into two main sections. The top section discusses the three statistics that most people would probably find horrifying. These statistics are highlighted by using larger text and darker font color. The bottom section delves deeper into what people actual do when they use their phones in the restroom. Each activity listed is followed by the percent of people who say they have performed each activity while in the restroom.

I think the poster overall does a decent job at getting the point across since I immediately had the reaction the poster wanted. However, there was one point in the poster that initially made me confused. Similar to the example we discussed in class, the percentages in the bottom section of the poster are misleading. At first I thought the percentages were in reference to how much time is spent on each activity, not what percent of people has done the activity. I think the right choice was made with the fact to put on the top. Knowing that 1 in 6 phones have traces of poop on them is a shocking fact that will convince many people to not use their phones in the restroom.