Shutterstock Top Color Trends of 2015

Top Color Trends of 2015 – Shutterstock [source]

Shutterstock, a company that provides millions of royalty free stock photos, illustrations and vectors, has published a collection of visualizations that provide an analysis of color trends from the year 2015. By matching pixel data with image downloads, Shutterstock was able to identify trends in the fastest growing colors across their entire collection and the most popular colors by country. With stunning and beautiful professional quality photos, this data visualization acts as an eye-catching lure to the shutterstock website for commercial purposes. The bottom of the page leads you to a signup link and an email address for press to contact the creators of the visualization.

Fastest Growing Colors


The first visualization displays the four most popular colors of 2015 based on image downloads. The colors are given in hex value (#01B1AE, #2E4A17, #40A1AC and #1F2A44) along with high resolution example images that are predominately that color value and consist of simple geometric and repeating patterns. All four images are deep blues and purples.

Colors Around the World


The second graphic is interactive and displays the most popular colors of 2015 by country represented on a pixelated map. Colors by country (also given in hex RGB) vary greater than the fastest growing colors; Colors by country consist of peachy skin tones, forest greens, rocky grays, and ocean and sky blues. Clicking on a single country reveals the top three colors from that country along with some example images that are predominately those colors.

For all of the hex color values and example images Shutterstock’s search engine provides similarly colored photographs. The infographic demonstrated the power of the Shutterstock’s search engine and the high quality images that Shutterstock provides for its customers. This visualization acts as a beautiful, productive and convincing argument to use Shutterstock for your next design project.